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This wrinkle resistant fabric travels well. Our polyester robes offer the same made to measure fit as our wool and wool blends.


This fabric offers both a distinguished look and practicality. It is the most wrinkle-resistant material we offer and holds less static than polyester alone. With excellent breathability, it stays comfortable and travels well when you are on-the-go. De Lavoy’s polyester and wool blend robes are the most durable of our products and offer 20 – 30 years of service

PURE TROPICAL WOOL (140 thread count)

This material affords exceptional comfort. As an all-natural fibre, it holds less static than our polyester blend and breathes better than either polyester or polyester blends. The fabric drapes more fully than other materials for a refined look.

SUPER 160 WOOL (160 thread count)

This material affords the ultimate in comfort and style. This all-natural fabric wrinkles less than the tropical wool while still draping fully. It offers the same breathability and static-resistant qualities of an all-natural fabric. The black is richer than the pure tropical wool and this fabric offers the softest and most luxurious feel to the touch.


This flattering natural fabric is the lightest, most exclusive of our collection; it's elegance is unmatched. Pure silk is a delicate fabric that has a shorter service life than our other fabrics.